Nevada Jacks 10g Poker Chips - 25 (Set of 25)

Nevada Jacks 10g Poker Chips - 25 (Set of 25)
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Product Description

Nevada Jacks Poker Chips (25):

  • Chip Weight: 10 Grams
  • Chip Material: Clay Composite
  • Chip Size: 39mm Diameter (Casino Sized)
  • Chip Center: Embedded Graphic
  • Chip Surface: Textured
  • Chip Count: 25
  • Appropriately enough, the deceased old west gambler is holding "the dead man's hand," aces and eights, the hand reputedly held by "Wild" Bill Hickok at his untimely death

These Nevada Jacks Poker Chips are available as a set under the 'Poker Chip Sets' section of our website.