200 - Nexgen™ Las Vegas Edge Spot 12g Chips with Aluminum Clear Top Case

200 - Nexgen™ Las Vegas Edge Spot 12g Chips with Aluminum Clear Top Case
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Product Description

EDGE SPOT Las Vegas Poker Chips

These 12 gram Vegas Style Chips are 39 mm diameter casino sized chips and are designed with the authentic casino style, weight and unique edge spot design. The words "LAS VEGAS NEVADA USA" are embedded in the outer diameter of the chip.

The Series 8000 Chips incorporates a unique patented process giving them the soft feel of a clay surface which makes them the most authentic poker chip available on the home gaming market. Additionally, this same process allows for multi-colored edge spots, resembling that of casino clay poker chips.

With an inconspicuous metal insert, these exclusive new chips were created by the use of the latest technology to produce the real sound and coloration of an actual Casino chip. When our engineers produced these chips, we couldn't believe they had an insert - they sound that great! Additionally, its recessed center allows for the application of custom-designed 1" inlays.

With a choice of SEVEN assorted two-tone colors, this exclusive chip line is great for any casino or your home gaming table!

This handy chip case has the durability of an aluminum chip case and includes a clear, scratch-resistant Plexiglas cover to easily view the contents of the case. The case is produced from the finest aircraft aluminum and reinforced throughout, and yet it is lightweight. The interior is green felt with space for 200 chips, 5 dice, and 2 decks of cards.

This is a chip case that will last a lifetime.

We have INCLUDED IN THIS SET: 5 Dice and 2 Decks of Playing Cards. Playing cards depicted are subject to change without notice. It is at our discretion to replace playing cards with a similar product of equal or higher quality at any time.

The color, quantity and denominations of chips shown are the most popular and have been pre-selected for you.