Ace/King Suited Tri-Color 14g Poker Chips - Yellow

Ace/King Suited Tri-Color 14g Poker Chips - Yellow
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Product Description

These 14 gram Tri-Color Ace/King Clay Chips are 39 mm diameter casino-sized chips and are designed with an authentic soft clay look and texture. They also are the heaviest chip available on the market!

These chips have the soft feel of a clay surface which makes them the most authentic poker chip available on the home gaming market. Get these quality clay chips at a fraction of the cost of authentic casino clay chips!

They are crafted of solid clay with an inconspicuous metal insert. These exclusive new chips were created by the use of the latest technology to produce the heaviest chips on the market combined with the real sound and feel of an actual Casino chip.

With a fine assortment of tri-tone colors, this exclusive chip line looks great too! Few chips on the market today can boast 3 colors and we are proud to offer these colorful and one-of-a-kind chips. With card suits decorating the outer rim of the chip in either black or white, and alternating Ace/King cards, these chips are available in your choice of 9 different color combinations.

The detail and styling of these chips are superb. Collectors and gamers alike will want these chips immediately.