Soprano Clay Striped 10g Casino Poker Chips - Red (Set of 50)

Soprano Clay Striped 10g Casino Poker Chips - Red (Set of 50)
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Product Description

These 39 mm diameter casino-sized chips are the same style of poker chips used in the exclusive poker games seen on the Sopranos T.V. show! They look like clay chips. They sound like clay chips. They even have a soft feel as clay chips. In fact, THEY ARE CLAY CHIPS!

A full 10 grams in weight, they are produced from a clay composite that gives them the feel and sound of clay chips when they splash the pot. No inserts! No resin! No "plinky" sound when they fall to the table or on each other! These are the closest to authentic clay chips you can get without having to pay the high cost per chip. In fact, you will pay a fraction of that price with these ultra-quality chips!

The detail on these chips is great. The stripes around the chip are embedded throughout the chip and add to the great appearance. You will be proud to bring these into your next game.

There is a choice of 9 colors.